About Shelly McDavid CMM

Shelly McDavid is a Certified Micropigmentologist with over twenty two years in the medical field. She has performed permanent makeup procedures for over eight years. Her commitment as a specialist is to provide her clients with the safest, easiest and most artistic application of permanent make-up. You can be assured that she exhibits excellent technical ability and adheres to the highest standards of safety and ethics. Lips N Lines Permanent Make-Up uses the strictest sanitation procedures and pigments specifically produced for the face and the body. She is located in Holsey Cosmetic Surgery Institute operated by Laura Holsey D.O. Shelly will be pleased to discuss your personal requirements and fully answer all your questions regarding procedures with professionalism and discretion. Call Shelly at 405-414-2895 “Micropigmentation has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done! It is very exciting to have a client hug me and tell me how excited they are to have eyebrows again or to have makeup on even though they shake so they cannot get it on themselves.” - Shelly McDavid CMM